Monday, November 2, 2009


I just read where the Savannah, GA diocese of the Catholic church has settled with a victim for over 4 million dollars. Whoa - that is a lot of money!

My first reaction was to think of what I had lost for not calling a lawyer years ago. I think my realization that the relationship was abusive, probably qualified me to sue even though many years had passed. Only, when did I fully realize that? I remember hearing it in therapy with Cheryl. I heard it most recently from Stephen. Somewhere between the two, in the 9 year expanse, I was able to grab hold of that truth. You know, like hanging on to the bull's horns to keep from being eviscerated.

Maybe now, I am healthy enough to withstand the intensity of litigation. Now. Now that many years have passed since that window closed.

So, the Bobs go to South America on hunting trips and the Di's pay for therapy and medication. Perhaps one day the legal window will not exist where abuse is concerned. I can imagine that would cause some perpetrators to think a little harder about their actions.